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Anonymous: your tumblr is perfect! thank you for existing!

thank you very much! 

Anonymous: Does anybody else think there may be a connection between Easy's "I am easy, easy to please" and Does Not Suffice's "to remind you of how easy I was not"? I've just been thinking about it recently.

yes, absolutely! i feel like the lyrics in does not suffice were meant to go with the lyrics in easy, one hundred percent.

coruscatinglove: I tell people it's fairy tale-like. I can never think of how to describe Joanna Newsoms music either...

i know! i always say ‘she’s really good but she may be different than what you’re used to.’ with other artists i just throw out a genre that fits them best and thats it. but with joanna it’s hard to place her in any one category. and i never like to say ‘oh it’s harp music’ because i feel like i’m doing her music a disservice by just labelling it as that, since it’s so much more.

tldr it’s hard being a joanna fan haha


If someone asked you to describe Joanna’s music to them, how would you reply?

edit: thank you!

ludivicotechnique: I'm like the "Autumn" question person, I love HOOM because it has all of my favourite Newson songs on it, but it also has a few songs that I never got into. For contrast, Ys isn't my favourite album but I love all the songs on it. And MEM, the only song I don't quite like is Three Little Babes. I hope her next album isn't quite as sprawling as HOOM

yeah i’m like that too actually. HOOM has most of my favorite songs on there and i agree with you on Three Little Babes. I wouldn’t mind if her next album is about 14 tracks or so: not as short as Ys in the amount of tracks but not as long as HOOM in terms of length - somewhere in between.

Anonymous: Do you have any thoughts about what the new album will be about? I've listened to the ones played at pitchfork and I didn't find any connection, did you?

i have no idea, i couldn’t find any connection between any of them either. but i guess that’s exciting sort of, it’ll be a nearly complete surprise whenever we do hear the full album :)

Anonymous: Hello! So I'm a massive fan of Joanna Newsom (duh!) and pretty much love every song she's ever released... except for one. It's "Autumn." I don't know why. There were a few songs that took me a little while to get into on HOOM but eventually they all grew on me. Except for Autumn. What are your thoughts/interpretations of that song? Is it one of your favorites? Thanks in advance for the answer. :)

hi. i don’t really have any set interpretation towards that song in particular (or most of the songs on the third disc actually) but regardless it’s one of my favorites, absolutely. mainly because of the melody and joanna’s voice. i can relate to some of the lyrics, like:

I have got no control
over my heart, over my mind.
Over the hills, the rainclouds roll.
I’ll winter here, wait for a sign


I may have changed. It’s hard to gauge.
Time won’t account for how I’ve aged.
Would I could tie your lying tongue,
who says that leaving keeps you young.

just for personal reasons, and i do find that many other joanna fans also relate a lot to the above lyrics. other than that i have no real thoughts towards the song unfortunately.

Run away from home-
your beard is still blue
with the loneliness of you mighty men,
with your jaws, and fists, and guitars
and pens, and your sugarlip,
but I’ve never been to the firepits with you mighty men


day 101: joanna newsom’s new album not out yet