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At Stormy Records, 2004. photos by  Doug Coombe.

Anonymous: i wouldn't use mediafire, for a while they were looking inside zip files that were uploaded and canceling anything with copyrighted files - sending you to a place to purchase the songs instead of downloading them. it was even busting live recordings.

i knew about that, but i thought since they’d be live files they’d ignore them. :/ guess not. i’ll try to use dropbox or something similar, no worries :)

Anonymous: Yes, Safari has a problem with Mega! I got Chrome to download your links, though. (but if you ever change hosting sites, mediafire is really good!)

oh okay. yes i’ll try to do that from now on :)

Anonymous: I'm never able to download any of the links that you post for audio on Mega Upload. I have a Mac (which is up to date on software). What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

that’s really weird! i’m on windows and i use chrome and it works fine, is anyonelse having the same problem? 

i can re-upload them on a different hosting site if you want, mega just tends to be fastest for me.

Joanna Newsom - Live at the Mercury Lounge, 2004 »
  1. Yarn and Glue
  2. Bridges and Balloons
  3. The Book of Right-On
  4. Swansea
  5. Peach Plum Pear
  6. Sprout and the Bean
  7. This Side of the Blue (with Joanna’s friend Stacy)
  8. Sadie
  9. En Gallop!
  10. Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie

click through to download, mp3 format.

Joanna Newsom - Live at WFMU Radio, 2004 »
  1. Bridges and Balloons
  2. -Interview-
  3. The Book of Right-On
  4. -Interview-
  5. Prepared Harp Piece
  6. -Interview-
  7. Swansea
  8. Sadie
  9. -Interview-
  10. Sprout and the Bean
  11. -Interview-
  12. Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie
  13. -Interview-

click the link to download, m4a format.

Anonymous: someone asked for monkey and bear solo. it's after "soft as chalk", but it's not complete! youtube. com/watch?v=l76WfxRO-5w

that’s so great, thank you for finding it!

Joanna Newsom doing a prepared harp piece for WFMU Radio.